State Waste & Recycling Laws

Here are key pieces of RI General Law that address waste, recycling, compost, etc. Under each, we’ve highlighted common items you may be looking for. You can also search the complete index RI General Laws, and the complete list of waste management regulations.

CHAPTER 11-9-10 Abandonment of refrigerator in place accessible to children

CHAPTER 16-22 Education

CHAPTER 16-111 School Waste Recycling and Refuse Disposal

CHAPTER 21-27.3 Disposable Food Service Containers

CHAPTER 23-18.8  Waste Recycling 

  • § 23-18.8-2 (3) 35% recycling rate target (see more under Refuse Disposal below)
  • § 23-18.8-2 (5) Mandatory recycling for all solid waste
  • § 23-18.8-2 (11) RI DEM responsibility to define recyclable materials (see rules and regulations below)
  • § 23-18.8-2 (13) Commercial recycling reporting requirement and municipal collection of commercial recycling (Main Street program)
  1. Rules and Regulations for Reduction and Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste (4/7/97)
  2. Rules and Regulations for Reduction and Recycling of Commercial and Non-Municipal Residential Solid Waste (10/13/96)

CHAPTER 23-18.9  Refuse Disposal 

  1. Solid Waste Regulation No.1- General Requirements for Solid Waste Management Facilities and Organic Waste Management Facilities (10/25/05)
  2. Solid Waste Regulation No.2- Solid Waste Landfills (2/97)
  3. Solid Waste Regulation No.3- Transfer Stations and Collection Stations (3/97)
  4. Solid Waste Regulation No.4- Incinerators and Resource Recovery Facilities (1/97)
  5. Solid Waste Regulation No.5- Waste Tire Storage and Recycling (1/97)
  6. Solid Waste Regulation No.6- Petroleum Contaminated Soil Processing Facility (1/97)
  7. Solid Waste Regulation No.7- Facilities That Process Construction and Demolition Debris (5/7/01)
  8. Solid Waste Regulation No.8- R.I. Waste Composting Facility (5/4/16)

CHAPTER 23-18.11  Promotion of Paper Bag Usage 

  • § 23-18.11-3 Provision of paper bag alternative at no extra cost
  • § 23-18.11-3.1 Plastic bag and film recycling at RI stores (“ReStore” program)

CHAPTER 23-18.12  Beverage Container Recyclability 

CHAPTER 23-18.13  Toxic Packaging Reduction Act 

CHAPTER 23-18.15  Plastic Bottle and Container Labeling Act 

CHAPTER 23-18.16  Newspaper Recyclability 

CHAPTER 23-19  Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation 

CHAPTER 23-19.1  Hazardous Waste Management 

CHAPTER 23-19.6  Used Oil Recycling 

CHAPTER 23-19.7  Hazardous Waste Management Facilities 

CHAPTER 23-19.12  Generation – Transportation – Storage – Treatment – Management and Disposal of Regulated Medical Waste 

CHAPTER 23-19.17 High Heat Waste Facility Act of 2021

CHAPTER 23-19.18 Plastic Waste Reduction Act 

CHAPTER 23-24.9  Mercury Reduction and Education Act 

CHAPTER 23-24.10  Electronic Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling Act 

CHAPTER 23-24.12  Proper Management of Unused Paint 

CHAPTER 23-60  Battery Deposit and Control 

CHAPTER 23-60.1  Dry Cell Battery Control 

CHAPTER 23-63  Vehicle Tire Storage and Recycling 

CHAPTER 23-90  Responsible Recycling, Reuse and Disposal of Mattresses