Earth Day Cleanups

Rhode Island is a beautiful place to call home, and we want to make sure it stays that way! Each year, in honor of Earth Day and the International Coastal Cleanup (through Save The Bay), Resource Recovery supports community litter cleanups across the state.  By waiving the fees to dispose of the litter collected by dedicated volunteers, we are able to help community groups who would otherwise be unable to conduct cleanups. If your group is planning to do an Earth Day cleanup between April 1 and the third Saturday in May, or during the International Coastal Cleanup in mid-September, you may be eligible to have your disposal fees waived. You can either work directly with your municipality to secure support through our program, or request the waiver directly from Resource Recovery.

Please download and review our Tip Fee Waiver Policy below. You will also be able to download the tip fee waiver authorization forms on March 1 for Earth Day and August 1 for the International Coastal Cleanup.

For participating groups, please note that bulky waste (such as tires, appliances with Freon, mattresses, tires, car batteries, etc.) items will still carry their normal charge for disposal, as listed in the current fiscal year’s Fee Schedule.

Looking to get involved with a cleanup?  

Check out this calendar of RI cleanup events.