Johnston Community Updates

This page is dedicated to providing information for residents and businesses in our host community of Johnston. 

Current project updates

Please be advised that we will be conducting cleanup activities along Central Avenue on Thursday, July 12 and Friday, July 13, 2018. Traffic control will be provided to ensure public safety but we ask that you be especially cautious in traveling through the area over the coming two days.

Bin and Collection Questions

Please contact the Town of Johnston directly if you are experiencing problems with your trash or recycling collection, or need recycling bins. 

Key Provisions from Resource Recovery:

Per Host Community Agreement:

  • No tipping fee on trash
  • Annual base payment of $1,815,000 ($1.5M in 2001; increasing 10% every five years)
  • Annual payment of 3.5% of our Gross Revenue
  • Annual payment of 1.5% of Net Revenue from Landfill Gas
  • In-kind street sweeping and litter cleanup in designated areas
  • You can download full Host Community Agreement below

Per RI Law:

  • $3 from every non-municipal vehicle tipping at the facility
  • 50% of the profit-share from out-of-state recyclables

Per Resource Recovery Facility Policy:

  • Johnston Resident Disposal Permits: Residents of the Town of Johnston may apply at Johnston Town Hall for a household waste disposal permit. Download the policy here.

Come See What We Do!

We think it's incredibly important for all Rhode Islanders to see what happens when their recycling, leaf & yard debris, and trash leave the curb.  We especially welcome residents of our host community to come and see what we do at our facility in Johnston. You can schedule a tour here


We take odor complaints seriously. Per § 23-18.9-14 (d) we maintain six ambient air monitoring stations in Johnston and nearby Cranston. To report an odor, please fill out this form.