Special Materials Delivery Request

Effective immediately all Alternative Cover Soil and Waste Soil jobs being delivered to the landfill will be required to be paid for in advance. Payment arrangements can be made with the Scalehouse prior to delivery. A copy of Resource Recovery's soil approval letter is also required to be presented to the Scalehouse with every load. 

All deliveries of Wastewater Treatment Sludge, Waste Soils and Alternate Cover Soils need to be scheduled with the Resource Recovery Scale House prior to delivery. No loads will be accepted without a confirmed delivery date and time. Delivery requests can be submitted up to one week prior to your requested delivery date. Delivery requests submitted more than one week prior to your requested date will not be reviewed. Use the form below to request a delivery appointment. Your request will be responded to within the business day if received before noon. Requests received after 12PM will be responded to by 12PM the following business day.

Sludge and Grit and Rag Loads may only be scheduled between 9AM and 2PM.

Regulated soils, alternate cover soils and screened street sweepings may only be scheduled weekdays between 7AM and 3PM.

Note: your delivery request is not scheduled until confirmed by email from Resource Recovery Scalehouse.