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Trash Tutorial   5 Things
11/15/14: Put scraps of paper into bigger containers   11/17/14: 5 reasons to embrace automated recycling across R.I.
11/8/14: There's no simple solution for getting out the word   11/10/14: 5 items that should never go into your recycling bin
11/1/14: Time for fall cleanup, from pumpkins to election signs   11/3/14: 5 ways to elect to recycle R.I. campaign materials
10/25/14: Yes, R.I. does recycle old license plates   10/27/14: 5 tips for recycling Halloween costumes and accessories
10/18/14: How-tos on disposing of metal staples and other scrap metals   10/20/14: 5 nutty ideas for recycling nut butter jars
10/11/14: Convenience stores may not fall under R.I. recycling law   10/13/14: 5 tips for recycling pumpkin pie paraphernalia
10/4/14: Rhode Island businesses required to recycle   10/6/14: Taking care of leaves and fall yard debris
9/27/14: Keep plastic bags out of home recycling bins   9/29/14: 5 programs for recycling school-related trash
9/20/14: R.I. recycling facility can't accept No. 6 plastic   9/22/14: 5 steps for the safe disposal of medication at home
9/13/14: Rules for recycling oatmeal containers, old telephones, and plastic CD cases   9/15/14: 5 tips for recycling summer items in preparation for fall
9/6/14: Fiber egg cartons can be recycled or added to compost   9/8/14: 5 things to do with baby's outgrown items
8/30/14: Time to dump summer's leftover bug, weed killers   9/1/14: 5 things needed for a zero-waste school lunch
8/23/14: Paint cans don't belong in trash; many drop-off sites for disposal   8/25/14: 5 tips for proper metal recycling
    8/18/14: 5 things to know about Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation's textile recycling event Thursday at Warwick Mall
    8/4/14: 5 tips for handling leftover party supplies
7/26/14: Plastic coating keeps photos, negatives out of recycle bin    
7/19/14: Because it has little value, Styrofoam is difficult to recycle   7/21/14: 5 exceptions to RI's plastics recycling rule
7/12/14: Learn about labeling containers for proper disposal   7/14/14: Learn about 5 powderlike items that don't belong in your recycling
7/5/14: How to properly dispose of propane tanks    
6/28/14: Turn old recycling bins into creative storage containers   6/30/14: 5 recycling tips about paint
6/21/14: Eco-Depots are a fast (and free) way to get rid of hazardous materials   6/23/14: 5 ingredients for compost pile
6/14/14: Learn the do's and don'ts of recycling boat shrink-wrap, landline phones, and refrigerator water filters   6/16/14: Trash talk about Rhode Island to feel good about
6/7/14: Some summertime items don't belong in the recycling bin   6/9/14: Learn about pools and summertime recyclables 
5/31/14: How to handle household hazardous waste   6/2/14: 5 recycling tips for your garden
5/24/14: Shipping tape, envelope windows can stay on   5/26/14: 5 tips for an environmentally friendly Memorial Day
5/17/14: Are plastic flower pots recyclable? Yes, mostly   5/19/14: How to clean up after a compact fluorescent bulb breaks
5/10/14: Getting rid of home-generated medical waste   5/12/14: 5 basic steps to taking a soil sample
5/3/14: Apartment dwellers can recycle, too   5/5/14: 5 things to do to step-up your recycling beyond the kitchen bin
4/26/14: What happens to all that recycled glass?   4/28/14: Bulky, hard-to-recycle items can be dropped off at R.I. Resource Recovery.
4/19/14: For Earth Day, the ABC's of recycling 'trickier' items   4/21/14: 5 steps for proper disposal of needles
4/12/14: Some glass can be recycled, some not   4/14/14: 5 shredding events in April and May
4/5/14: Hybrid items, like dogfood bags, can't be recycled   4/7/14: 5 April cleanups around RI in honor of Earth Day
3/29/14: You can donate old clothes, in any condition   3/31/14: 5 tips on prepping containers fo RI recycling
3/22/14: What about those plastic six-ring beverage holders?   3/24/14: Spring cleaning recyclables
3/15/14: Recycle those heavy plastic bags   3/17/14: Bottle up those caps for recycling
3/8/14: Recycle newspaper wrappers, paper towel and toilet psper tubes    
3/1/14: How to keep recycling bins dry in winter weather   3/10/14: 5 things you'll learn about the landfill's future at forum sponsored byRI Resource Recovery and the food Policy Council
2/22/14: Coffee cup recycling is a hot topic   2/24/14: 5 things to know about wet-strength fiber
2/15/14: Don'y recycle soap, use it up   2/17/14: 5 vacation week recycled craft projects using household items
2/8/14: Which plastics go in the bin   2/10/14: 5 recycling tips for travel-related items
2/1/14: What to do with a huge collection of canned foods   2/3/14: Some simple replacements for trashable items
1/25/14: 6 categories if items mistakenly placed in recycling bins   1/27/14: 5 tips for tire replacement -related recycling
1/18/14:Why flower pots are a recycling problem   1/20/14: 5 sites for secondhand clothes shopping
1/11/14: You can still recycle Syrofoam in R.I.   1/13/14:You can take animated tours of R.I.'s 5 waste-management operations
1/4/14: For 2014, cut through the clutter and recycle more   1/6/2014: 5 options to do the right thing with polystyrene
    12/30/13: 5 tips for recycling Christmas trees and decorations
12/21/13: What to do with old tech toys   12/23/13: 5 ways to give back by recycling
12/14/13: Recycling an exterior steel door   12/16/13: What to do with 5 commonn packaging materials
12/7/13: Dry,odorless textiles can be recycled   12/9/13: Secondhand treasures abound in RI
11/30/13: Getting rid of mattresses and box springs   12/2/13: 5 winter recycling tips
11/23/13: Thanksgiving presents extra recycling opportunities   11/25/13: 5 sites for annual winter coat exchange set for Fiday
11/16/13: Small pieces of paper can complicate recycling efforts    
11/9/13: Plastic bags, films require special handling to be recycled   5 local events mark nationwide recycling celebration
11/2/13: Shredded paper is valuable item to recycle   11/4/13: 5 updated website features you'll discover if you visit recycletogetherri.org
10/26/13: Recycling juice, milk containers has become easier   10/28/13: Disposing of unused medications in RI
10/19/13: Take-back event a great way to dispose of unused medications   10/21/13: 5 ways to reuse old magazines
10/12/13: Getting rid of those out-of-date tapes   10/14/13: Recycling tips for pumpkin leftovers
10/5/13: Used syringes may be placed in the trash if they are properly prepared   10/7/13: Tips on recycling books and magazines
9/28/13: It's OK to flatten cardboard but don't crush containers   9/30/13: Tips on using less printing and copying paper
9/14/13: Hardened latex paint can be thrown away in the trash   9/16: 5 recyclable plastic containers that may be confusing.
9/7/13: Most cities , towns have a dropoff for old TVs, computers   9/9/13: 5 hazardous items with alternative disposal options
8/31/13: Broken glass doesn't belong in bins, but might find home with local artist   9/2/13: Investing in tools that make recycling easier
8/24/13: 20-year old jar of 'Nayonnaise' and an old battery stump recycler   8/26/13: How to make sure recycling in your child's school is up to par
8/17/13: Put pet waste in your own garbage (not recyclables)   8/19/13: Reducing kids' back-to-school footprint
8/10/13: Cardboard"s function determines whether it's recyclable   8/12/13: 5 tips for dealing with household containers
8/3/13: How to get rid of all that party trash   8/5/13: Trash to treasure: fun projects to keep little ones occupied
7/27/13: Disposal of newer light bulbs requires extra care   7/29/13: 5 paths your donated textiles take
7/20/13: Keep recycling paper dry   7/22/13: Green businesses in RI
7/13/13: Rummaging through recyclables is illegal   7/15/13: Recycling worn baseball gear
7/6/13: The proper disposal of Fourth fireworks   7/8/13: Beach inspired items to recycle or repurpose
6/29/13: Glass should be handled
carefully for recycling
  7/1/13: Fourth of July waste disposal
6/22/13: To replace a recycling bin, check with local officials   6/24/13: Textile donations for reuse, repurposing, and recycling
6/15/13: How to handle bagged dog waste   6/17/13: 5 reasons behind recycling rules
6/8/13: What to do with boxes, foam, 'bulky waste'   6/10/13: 5 ways to decide what to do with an item when you're done with it
6/1/13: What to do when it's time to retire Mr. Coffee   6/3/13: Storage tips to extend the life of your produce
5/18/13: Don't toss old extinguishers in the bin   5/27/13: Recycling school related items
5/11/13: Make sure aerosol cans are empty   5/20/13:  Committing to a reusable lifestyle
5/4/13: Those Tide jugs are OK   5/13/13: Recycling after a party
4/27/13: Coffee pods can bypass landfill, if
you do a little deconstruction
  4/20/13: Simple ways to go easy on the earth
4/13/13: Battery recycling is widely available   4/1/13: Earth Day cleanups across the state
4/6/13: Plastic flower pots and trays are not green enough to recycle   3/25/13: Disposal of old pet stuff
3/30/13: When it comes to recycling, think "container"   3/18/13: Hybrid items that belong in the trash
3/23/13: Readers share tips for shredded paper   3/11/13: Recycling rules for makeup products
3/16/13: Paper shreds can contaminate mix   3/4/13: Opportunities to become a compost
3/9/13: Sites accept old VHF tapes, CD's   2/25/13: Recycling tea paraphernalia
3/2/13: Easy rules to live by when recycling in RI   2/18/13: Proper disposal of medications
2/16/13: Some boards are recyclable   2/11/13: Making recycled paper
2/9/13: Cleaner is better   2/4/13: Model schools successfully recycling
 in RI
1/26/13: No scrap metal in recyclin bin; it can bring cash elsewhere   1/28/13: Selfish reasons to recycle
1/19/13: Complex packaging presents a challenge for recyclers   1/21/13: 5 myths about trash
1/5/13: Plastic bags of many types can be recycled   1/14/13: 5 tips for getting recyclables cleaner
12/29/12: Resolve to improve your recycling efforts   12/31/12: 5 steps to lighten your load
    12/24/13: Recycling rules of thumb
12/22/12: R.I.'s new equipment is designed to process recycling as a mix   12/17/12: Recycling holiday baking items
    12/10/12: 5 recycling initiatives that have contributed to rising rates
12/1/12: Don't sweat the sticky labels; toss frozen food boxes   12/3/12: Cooking-oil recycling sites
    11/26/12: Life cycle of man-made materials and how it's related to energy
11/17/12: Thanksgiving feast is time for us to watch our waste   11/19/12: Winter-coat exchanges
11/10/12: 'Hybrid' containers a recycling no-no   11/12/12:America Recycles Day events
11/3/12: What to do with unrecyclables, especially this time of year   11/5/12: Proper disposal of election paraphernalia
10/27/12: Video shows recycling up close   10/29/12: Halloween recycling tips
10/20/12: Motor oil doesn't mix well with recycling system   10/22/12: Wheeled recycling carts
10/13/12: Never put U.S. flag in recycling   10/15/12: Autumn composting and recycling
10/06/12: Plastic bags are definitely recyclable.   10/8/12: Waste free trip to the farmers' market.
    10/1/12: New ways to use glass jars
    09/24/12: Free recycling info
09/15/12: Businesses aren't excused from recycling laws in RI   09/17/12: T-shirt shopping bags
09/08/12: It's OK to throw some batteries in the trash   09/10/12: New plastic bags/film
09/01/12: Is it recycable? Depends if there's a market   09/03/12: Family waste audit
08/25/12: Details of new one-bin policy are local decisions   08/27/12: Purchasing recycled materials
08/18/12: Clothing finds new life through special collections   08/13/12: Stop food waste
08/11/12: Styrofoam causes recycling problems   08/06/12: Reducing & Reusing
08/04/12: Plastics Can be recycled, if they pass these two tests   07/23/12: Alternative compost browns
07/28/12: New system allows compacting of recyclables   07/16/12: Recycling particulars
07/21/12: Loose lids causing recycling problems   07/02/12: The New MRF
07/14/12: New way to recycle shredded paper   06/25/12: Why can/can't I...
07/07/12: How to dispose of hazardous waste   06/18/12: Questions about containers
06/30/12: Animal feed bags still a recycling no-no   06/11/12: Recycle more plastics
06/23/12: How to recycle metals - remember, they're valuable   06/04/12: Storing fruits and veggies
06/16/12: New system for recycling allows mixing, but it's best to keep paper out of the rain   05/28/12: Cleaning the shed
06/09/12: If it's a container and it holds less than 2 gallons, recycle it   05/14/12: Reasons to recycle
06/02/12: Pill bottles among added itmes to be recyclign in new program   05/07/12: What recycables turn into
05/26/12: Many uses for plastic bags with zippers   04/30/12: Recycle now
05/19/12: Instead of stockpiling used bulbs for trek to Johnston, look for local recycling collections   04/23/12: Plastic bags
05/12/12: Six-pack rings can't be recycled with bags, but bubble wrap can   04/02/12: Earth Day cleanups
05/05/12: R.I. explores Extended Producer Responsibility   03/26/12: Non-toxic options
04/14/12: What to do with old clothing and rags   03/19/12: Green cleaning
04/07/12: Shredding at home for a fee   03/12/12: Artificial lighting
03/31/12: Who is hurt by scavenging of bottles, cans?   03/05/12: Windy days
03/24/12: Several ways to get rid of old magazines   02/27/12: Reduce
03/17/12: Cooking oil, other materials, can be recycled at RIRRC   02/20/12: Car-related items
03/03/12: Enhanced recycling is on the way for R.I.    02/13/12: Inspired by Lincoln
02/25/12: Best to keep paper records out of recycling bins   02/06/12: Recycle locally
02/18/12: No easy solutions for recycling old or unused medications   01/30/12: Winter composting survival tips
02/11/12: Recycling Superhero wants to meet you   01/23/12: Do not recycle
02/04/12: Batteries not toxic; is zero waste possible?   01/16/12: The fireplace
01/28/12: How should you dispose of old paints, stains, and thinners?   01/09/12: Snow tips
01/21/12: With bottles & jars, the shape's the thing   01/02/12: Green your workout
01/14/12: The compost is still cooking while your garden takes its winter nap    12/26/11: Use less in 2012
01/07/12: Exchange websites keep useable materials out of the landfill   12/19/11: Alternative gift wrap
12/24/11: How to handle household hazardous waste   SPECIAL: Each year, build on "green" holiday tradition with family
SPECIAL: White Christmas good; "green" Christmas great   12/12/11: Recycled holiday decor
12/17/11: Call a metals recycler to dispose of satellite dish   12/05/11: Zero-waste gifts
12/10/11: When trash can is part of trash   11/28/11: Skating season
12/03/11: How to dispose of needles and syringes   11/14/11: Thanksgiving
11/26/11: Paper cartons are OK in the blue bin   11/7/11: T-Shirts
11/19/11: ...And thanks for the recyclables   10/31/11: Halloween
11/12:11: Outside of Rhode Island, recycling rules vary by locale   10/17/11: Candles
11/05/11: Opting out of unwanted phone books   10/10/11: Dress up
10/29/11: What to do with those odd items   10/03/11: E-Waste
10/22/11: Other ways to recycle wire coat hangers   9/19/11: Boating
10/01/11: Tennis ball containers are difficult to recycle   9/12/11: Beach days
9/24/11: Find another use for old plastic shower curtains   9/05/11: Plastic bags
9/17/11: Cut up cardboard should be collected   8/22/11: Medical items
9/10/11: Save paper recycling for a sunny day   8/15/11: More pet stuff
9/03/11: Just drop empty, rinsed cans in the blue bin; recycle plastic bags   8/08/11: Window treatments
8/27/11: This September, school recycling memories come full circle   8/05/11: S’mores
8/20/11: RIRRC does not incinerate, so shred and recycle any sensitive documents   7/18/11: Photography
8/13/11: All businesses must separate, including restaurants   7/11/11: Reading
8/06/11: Use websites to efficiently give things away   7/04/11: Fourth of July
7/23/11: What do the numbers mean that are imprinted on plastic containers?   6/30/11: Father’s Day
7/09/11: Curious about the landfill? Come for a visit   6/27/11: Gardening
7/02/11: How to dispose of fireworks safely   6/13/11: The fridge
6/25/11: Wide-mouth jar? If glass, recycle; if plastic, toss it   6/06/11: Painting
6/18/11: Wide-mouth containers not yet recyclable, no matter how clean   5/30/11: Traveling
6/11/11: Worn-out American flags should be burned   5/23/11: Home from College
6/04/11: Try selling books before recycling   5/16/11: Parties
5/28/11: If it’s a bottle or jug, it’s OK to recycle   5/09/11: Laundry
5/21/11: Photographs, slides can’t be recycled   5/02/11: Cinco de Mayo
5/14/11: Worm composting is a great way to break down kitchen scraps   4/11/11: Closet cleaning
5/07/11: Propane gas grills can be recycled   4/04/11: March Madness
4/30/11: Check websites to pass along worn fabrics   3/28/11: Spring
4/23/11: How to dispose of Styrofoam   3/21/11: St. Joseph’s Day
4/16/11 Combination Packages impossible to recycle   3/14/11: St. Patrick’s Day
4/09/11: Which kinds of plastic bags can be recycled?   3/07/11: Shortfalls
4/02/11: What to do with old trophies   2/28/11: Potholes
3/26/11: Cracked pots can be “recycled” at home   2/21/11: President’s Day
3/19/11: Get rid of unwanted prescriptions on April 30 (2011)|   2/14/11: Valentine’s Day
3/12/11: Hardcover books should not be recycled   2/07/11: Pet stuff
3/05/11: All fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury   1/31/11: Super Bowl Sunday
2/26/11: Try to leave plastic bottles round, not crushed   1/24/11: Residues
2/19/11: Put old sneakers to good use   1/17/11: In honor of MLK, Jr. 
2/12/11: Keurig coffeemaker cups are not recyclable    
2/05/11: How to dispose of household batteries    
1/29/11: No need to peel labels off containers before recycling them    
1/22/11: Recycle pots and pans as scrap metal