Teacher's Corner

Improving public awareness about waste disposal issues is an important component of solid waste management in Rhode Island. Teachers have an ideal opportunity to teach children what waste is, how it is produced, how it affects the environment, and what can be done about it. Action by both teachers and students will be instrumental when addressing waste issues both today and in the future.

Waste disposal affects land, air, water, and the overall quality of life, and the teaching material can be an important part of education for students of many ages. These resource materials are not intended to function as a curriculum. Rather, they should be viewed as a source for ideas and background information for educators to incorporate into lessons on different subjects, creatively and freely. Each of the activities can be applied to one or more subject area(s). Please feel free to reproduce and share these materials.

The goals for the use of the Elementary School Curriculum and Middle School Resource Guide are to:

  • Inform students that a waste and resource conservation problem exists;
  • Help students understand that attitudes and actions contribute to this problem;
  • Present the state's hierarchy for solid waste management: source reduction, recycling/composting, and disposal;
  • Create an appreciation among students that they can and will play a role in solving our state's solid waste generation and resource conservation problem.

Elementary School Curriculum Enhancement Projects

Developed specifically for elementary school children (Grades 3-5) these ideas can be used to enhance current environmental science curriculum.

Teacher's Resource Guide - Middle School

The RIRRC Teacher's Resource Guide is geared toward pupils in grades 5-8, but can be applied effectively to other grades as well. It reflects Rhode Island's commitment to reduction and recycling programs, and concern for the environmental impacts of natural resource usage and waste disposal.

For more information about the RIRRC curriculum enhancement and lesson plans, or to schedule a class/school presentation or tour, contact the Recycling Department via email or by phone at (401)942-1430.