Click on the links provided for more educational resources and information about recycling, conservation, and waste reduction. Look to the left for downloadable fact sheets and brochures.

General Resources

USEPA Explorer's Club - Garbage and Recycling

This is a directory of links to Web pages for kids on the USEPA site on topics dealing with waste reduction, recycling, solid and hazardous waste.
GrassRoots Recycling Network - Kids Recycle!
This is a comprehensive annotated directory of Web sites on how to achieve a zero waste K-12 facility. It is divided into separate sections for Kids and Teachers. Topics that are addressed by Kids Recycle! include Zero Waste, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Composting and Pollution Prevention.
Maine State Planning Office Teachers and Students Page
The Maine SPO has set up this page with separate links for teachers and students. The teachers link leads to a listing of links for different solid waste and recycling curricula as well as links to other educational resources. The student link leads to a set of activities such as papermaking. There are also links to Maine recycling Web pages, other Web sites for kid on recycling and a listing of solid waste and recycling factoids.
The Kids Garden
This gardening site is great for young children.



School Recycling Program and Greening Resources

Resources and tips for setting up school "green" initiatives.

Waste reduction guide for schools.

School recycling guide.

Manual for setting up a school recycling program and other resources.

Recycling and waste reduction guide and resources for older students and teachers.

Trash assessment and waste free lunch tips.

Conducting a waste assessment, program set-up, and other activities for older students.

Developing an effective recycling program and data collection learning activities.

Recycling program and solid waste educational resources.

Waste assessment, recycling program set-up, and more.

Planet Protectors Club Kit—activities for younger students.

Free posters, fliers, stickers for download.

Green school information, educational lessons, case studies, and funding ideas.

U.S. Green building Council Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and green school initiatives.

Educational Resources

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency downloadable curricula.

The Adventures of Vermi the Worm! Interactive game that teaches 8- to 10-year-olds about waste management concepts. Various other curricula, especially on composting.

Recycling lesson plans for grades 6-8.

Complete curricula for first and eighth grades.


Science projects, including composting, for high school students.

Downloadable lessons and resources for all ages.


Downloadable educational materials for all ages.

Games and activities for students.

Lesson plans for grades 6-8 integrating math and science.

Earth Day activities, general environmental issues and teacher’s network.

Free educational activities.

Low-cost activities in math and science.

Web resource listings.

Games, activities, and resources.

Links to fun computer games and puzzles.

Links to activities and current issues.

Environmental education lessons and activities.

Youth orientated magazine and environmental resources.

Educational resources for younger children.

Links to various recycling activities.

Composting and Vermicomposting

Natural Resources Conservation Service Educational Resources.

Educational materials on composting.

Fun resource on microbes in our world, including microscopic pictures and easy-to-understand information.

All about worms and worm composting.

Activities with worms for younger students.

Art Projects

Several art projects, such as making paper and paper beads.

Hands-on look at papermaking.

"Trash art" ideas.