Backyard Composting

Why compost? Because it's easy, natural, helps save money, improves the environment and saves space at the Central Landfill.

What is Composting?

Composting is the decomposition of organic material that occurs constantly in nature. It is a natural way to recycle yard trimmings and some food scraps that would otherwise be buried in the landfill. Composting changes these materials to produce a beneficial product that you can use on your lawn or in your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. About 25-30 percent of the waste created in the home and garden is compostable material.

How Do I Get Started?

Click on our composting guides to the left, or contact the URI Master Composter program to start your backyard composting experience!

Compost Bins Available for Sale

Backyard compost bins are available for purchase at our Administrative Offices (Building A), Monday through Friday, from 8:00-3:45. Our bins hold 11.5 cubic feet of material and are made from recycled content plastic.  The bins are easily constructed, needing no tools, and only require approximately three feet of backyard space. They are $45 each, and we accept cash, checks or money orders made out to RIRRC.

Compost Approved for Use in Organic Farming Available for Sale

RI residents can purchase compost made from RI's leaf and yard waste at RIRRC.  Click here for more information.

Free Composting Workshops

RIRRC will deliver a free home composting workshop to your community group! Click here to request a presentation.

Get Your Soil Tested

The University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension, in cooperation with the University of Massachusetts Cooperative Extension, Soil Testing Laboratory, offers a variety of soil test options for home gardeners and commercial growers. Find out how a simple, inexpensive test can greatly improve your gardening/growing experience: