This page will provide you useful links on the 3R's and other topics of interest.

This website was developed for R.I. residents who are looking for an alternative to disposal of reusable items.  Freexchangeri is a great place to list your unwanted items or to browse for that something special you might be looking for.  Please take a few minutes to become a member and help to reduce waste.         

GrassRoots Recycling Network - Kids Recycle!

This is a comprehensive annotated directory of Web sites on how to achieve a zero waste K-12 facility. It is divided into separate sections for Kids and Teachers. Topics that are addressed by Kids Recycle! include Zero Waste, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Composting and Pollution Prevention.


Recycling for RI Education

RRIE is a Rhode Island-based non-profit organization that accepts donations of clean, non-hazardous surplus and scrap materials from businesses and distributes them to schools and educational organizations for reuse as student project supplies. Ideas on how to use these materials are also provided.


How to Get Less Junk Mail

An online guide to how junk mailers get your name and what actions are effective in reducing the flow of junk mail to your address. This guide provides many useful tips such as how to track where junk mailers get your name and what actions don't help in stopping junk mail.


Direct Marketing Association - Mail Preference Service

This Web site is provided as a service to consumers who want the convenience of registering online to have their names placed on a "do not mail" list that is distributed quarterly to DMA member companies as well as made available for use by non-DMA member businesses.


Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - Reducing Junk Mail

This is an online guide to junk mail reduction that has a very strong focus on how to prevent your name from getting onto a junk mailing list in the first place. Some potential contributors of your name to junk mailers include charitable organizations, credit bureaus, public records and customer loyalty programs.


Grass Roots Recycling Network

This is online guide to 16 activities that can used for creating public events that educate the public about the concept and benefits of achieving zero waste based on the experience of Eco-Cycle, a community recycling program located in Boulder, Colorado. Some of the event activities that are covered in the kit include public forums, contests, ads and public service announcements.


URI Master Gardener

The University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension Master Gardening program includes a component on composting. Visit this site for more information or to enroll in the program.