Purchasing Residential Compost

RIRRC is pleased to offer finished compost to RI residents.  Our Class A Rhode Island Compost is approved for use in certified organic crop production, and is a great addition to your lawn, flowerbeds, and vegetable gardens. Using compost to replace or reduce reliance on synthetic fertilizers is also a cost-effective way to help the environment.  

Home Grown

RIRRC's compost is made from RI residential leaf and yard debris. Purchasing compost made of local materials is a great way to "close the loop" right here in RI.  It is especially helpful for those residents who are unable to turn organic wastes into compost at home, or who need a larger amount than they can generate on their own. 

To Purchase

Finished compost can be picked up for $30/cubic yard OR in 40 lb. bags for $8 each.  Compost can be paid for with cash, check, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover). For purchases by the cubic yard, RIRRC will load the material for you; however you will need to bring your own vehicle (preferably a pick up truck or an open-top trailer). There are no deliveries. The minimum load is a half (1/2) yard of compost.

For questions on our composting process, or questions about the analytical composition of the compost, please contact Brian Card.

How Else is RI's Compost Used?

In addition to selling compost for home use, some of the compost is used onsite for operational purposes, and the rest is marketed through Casella Organics. Casella Organics markets this compost for diverse uses, including turf farming, sports field construction, garden center supplies, wetlands restoration, and roof gardens.