how do I dispose

See our growing list of organizations who accept an array of secondhand items to the left.

There are a number of organizations that collect books, clothing, and shoes and donate them to those in need. In fact, you may see bins for these in your own neighborhood. To find out where they might be located in your area, contact your local DPW.

RI residents may also bring books, clothing and shoes to the small vehicle drop-off area at the Central Landfill anytime during normal business hours.  Our books are collected by Discover Books and our clothes are collected through the Kiducation program.

If you aren't able to donate your books, and if the book has a hard cover or a plastic or spiral binding, remove the binding and put the paper pages in your green curbside recycling bin. Paperback books are completely recyclable as is.

Bring any dry, odorless textiles to any clothing collection bin in RI. What cannot be reused is repaired, repurposed, or recycled. Stains, tears, and single shoes are accepted. For more information visit www.ritextiles.org  and http://weardonaterecycle.org.

Clothing and textiles are not accepted in the curbside recycling program. Do not place any textiles in your recycling bin. Textiles get wrapped around the machinery in our Materials Recycling Facility, causing shut downs and safety hazards.

Contact us at anytime with questions you have about them items. 

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