Reduce Your Waste

There's a reason 'Reduce' comes before reuse and recycling. If you cut back on the products you purchase and how you use them, you cut back on your waste. Here are a few tips:

1.       PAPER

  • Keep unwanted mail out of your mailbox by contacting the companies to stop delivery
  • Try to purchase items packaged in recycled material or that use minimal packaging


  • Buy food and drinks in large containers instead of individual bottles or cans
  • Use mugs and glasses instead of styrofoam and paper cups


  • Invest in software and hardware upgrades instead of buying new technology
  • Use wireless connections to reduce your use of cords and cut down on electrical costs


  • Purchase products with minimal toxic chemicals
  • Look for products that receive power other than through batteries

5.       FOOD WASTE

  • Set up a bin to compost organic food waste

 6.       AUTOMOTIVE

  • Optimize your vehicle mileage by choosing the best travel routes
  • Keep vehicles well maintained so parts will last longer
  • Reduce your emissions by combining multiple trips
  • Think about using public transportation

Send us your favorite Waste Reduction tips and techniques, and let's make this list grow!