Mission Statement

The mission of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation is to provide safe, environmentally compliant, clean and affordable solid waste and recycling services for the Rhode Island community.


Key Objectives

• Extend the useful life of the Central Landfill to 2034 and beyond in order to provide long term affordable waste disposal services for Rhode Island municipalities.

• Remain financially self-sufficient by self funding all operational and capital requirements.

• Manage the Corporation as close as possible to a private sector company to ensure cost effective operations. 



• Keep the organization focused on the basics of landfilling and recycling.

• Utilize in-house resources to perform services where it is cost effective.

• Encourage more recycling via education and training, legislative initiatives, coordination with other state agencies and entities, and competitive grants and incentives for Rhode Island municipalities.

• Explore only proven technologies to extend the life of the landfill.

• Support maintaining municipal solid waste disposal costs at a discount to regional market rates.