Leadership & Corporate Structure

RIRRC is governed by a Board of Commissioners. The composition of the Board of Commissioners is determined by RI state law. The Board consists of nine members, eight from the general public (three of whom must reside in the Town of Johnston) and the Director of the RI Department of Administration, or his/her designee. The Governor of the State of Rhode Island submits a list of Board nominees to the Rhode Island Senate for their Advice and Consent. The Senate conducts hearings in either the Judiciary Committee or in the Environment and Agriculture Committee, which if the nominees are approved, passes the names on to the full Senate for confirmation. Commissioners serve until they are renominated for another term or are replaced.

The Board employs an Executive Director to administer, manage, and direct the offices and business of RIRRC subject to the policies, control, and direction of the commissioners. The Executive Director reports to and is accountable directly to the Board, pursuant to RIRRC's by-laws.

The Board of Commissioners holds 9-10 business meetings per year. In Fiscal Year 2014, the Board did not meet in March or August.

Board of Commissioners

Jeanne Boyle of East Providence (Treasurer)- Term Expires 7/1/2016

Geri-Ann DiPaolo of North Providence - Term Expries 7/1/2016     

Judith Kawa of Johnston - Term Expires 7/1/2017

Geoffrey S. Kirkman of Providence (Vice Chairman)  - Term Expires 7/1/2016 

Hon. Charles Lombardi of North Providence - Term Expires 7/1/2015

Lori Ann Pezzullo of Johnston - Term Expires 7/1/2016

Michael F. Sabitoni of Johnston (Chairman) - Term Expires 7/1/2017

Joseph B. White of North Kingstown - Term Expires 7/1/2016

Director of RI Department of Administration, Michael DiBiase (or designee)

The RIRRC Board of Commissioners meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM (unless otherwise noted) in the Boardroom at the Corporation's Administration building, located at 65 Shun Pike, Johnston, RI, unless otherwise posted.


Staff Directors

Michael OConnell, Executive Director

Brian Card, Director of Operations and Engineering

Dean Huff, Chief Financial Officer

Christine Jocelyn, Human Resources Director

Gary Maddocks, Chief of Security, Maintenance and Safety

Michael McGonagle, Director of Information Systems and Business Analysis

Lori Perron, Director of Purchasing and Contract Management

TBD, Director of Policy and Programs