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Each year, RIRRC accepts litter free of charge, from eligible cleanups taking place across Rhode Island in honor of Earth Day.  The purpose of RIRRC's Annual Earth Day Tip Fee Waiver Program is to provide support for community cleanups that could not take place otherwise, without such support.

For RIRRC's Earth Day Tip Fee Waiver, local organizations can either work directly with their municipality to secure support through our program, or request the waiver directly from RIRRC.  Cleanup efforts in honor of Earth Day must take place from April 1, 2017 to May 20, 2017 in order to be eligible for the tip fee waiver.

The following text outlines the 2017 program:

Guidelines and Procedures

Eligibility: This program shall not benefit the cleanup of areas that normally fall under municipal or state responsibility (i.e. the municipality or state keep the area clean normally and/or regularly provide pick-up of the waste containers located in the cleanup area). Groups who are normally charged with the task of litter-cleanup and have the funding to do so will not be eligible for a tip fee waiver (if a group’s mission or funding is in question, the group will be specifically asked to submit a one-time letter, on official letterhead, stating that the cleanup falls outside of their mission and funding ability). The intention of this program is to aid groups in disposing of litter that was improperly disposed of in public area such as along roads, in neighborhoods, beaches, shorelines, parks, and other public areas of enjoyment. The tip fee waiver is not to be used for any “special waste” collection of items from residents or businesses, nor will this program fund construction and demolition projects, deconstruction projects, or any other home or building construction or improvement project.

Tip Fee Waiver: Each municipality will be granted a single waiver for up to 10 tons, and each private group a single waiver for up to 5 tons. These are the total limits per municipality or per private group, and not per authorization form.

Delivery of Materials:  All cleanup loads must be delivered to RIRRC no later than one week from the date of the cleanup, or last cleanup listed.  The driver must have a signed copy of a completed tip fee waiver authorization form in hand at the time of delivery.

Mixed Loads: If cleanup debris must be mixed with other trash for the purpose of collection efficiency, the organizer is responsible for providing RIRRC with an estimate of the cleanup debris’ weight, attaching this to their authorization form, in the form of a weight slip or data sheet that shows how the estimate was calculated.

Municipally Organized Cleanups: Each municipality may choose to sponsor cleanups with eligible entities (see “Eligibility” above). If an area of the city/town that does not normally fall under municipal responsibility is chosen as a cleanup site, the municipality may agree to temporarily extend municipal classification to the waste from the cleanup.  These cleanups will collectively be eligible for a tip fee waiver of 10 tons, and these 10 tons will not count against the municipality’s Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) cap. The municipality will be charged $32/ton for any tons over 10 tons and the overage will be charged to their MSW cap.

**NOTE: If your municipality is organizing the disposal of your debris, contact them directly.  They can take your info and apply on your behalf.  You need do nothing further.**

Privately Sponsored Cleanups:   Private groups without municipal sponsorship for cleanups will be eligible for a tip fee waiver of 5 tons.   These groups will be charged $75/ton for any tons over 5 tons.

Required Cleanup Information:  A date, location, organization, on-the-ground contact name and on-the-ground contact email/phone are required information for each cleanup. This information must be listed on the authorization form. An “on-the-ground contact” is defined as any organizer/participant that is present at the cleanup site for the event.  An on-the-ground contact should be able to confirm the completion of the cleanup.

Fees: Bulky waste items (e.g. appliances with CFCs, box springs, mattresses, tires, car batteries, etc.) will still carry their normal charge for disposal, as listed in the current fiscal year’s “Accepted Materials and Rates” sheet from RIRRC (included with this memo). Bulky waste fees and overage tons will be charged directly to the municipality, for municipally organized cleanups. For privately organized cleanups, the group must provide on their authorization form, the information necessary to set up a free account with RIRRC. The account may be the group itself if incorporated or may be a member of the group. Fees may also be paid at the time of disposal; payment may be in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card. Per RI General Law § 23-24.10-5, there is a disposal ban on TVs, monitors, computer, laptops and tablets, and these items will not be accepted as part of Earth Day loads. For these items found during cleanups, municipally organized cleanup groups must follow the E-waste Disposal Protocol and privately organized groups must bring these items in a segregated load to be recycled or contact their city or town for options.

Application/Authorization:  Official RIRRC authorization forms for both municipally and privately sponsored cleanups are included with this memo. The appropriate form must be must be filled out completely, signed by both the organizer (municipal or private) and the driver, and handed to staff at the scalehouse at the time of delivery.  Copies of the original form are allowed, but the original text of the authorization form is not to be doctored in any way. Simply fill in the required information. Doctoring the text of the form or creating any other version of the form will result in loss of eligibility for the municipality or private group submitting it. 

Approval: After processing the waiver, scalehouse staff will send the authorization form(s) to the Municipal Program Coordinator for review.  RIRRC reserves the right to retroactively charge a private group’s account or a municipality’s account/MSW cap for an entire load if the text of the form has been doctored, or if any of the listed cleanups from that load are found to be non-compliant with the statements on the form.

Should you have any questions, please call 942-1430 ext. 252.  Thank you and good luck in your clean up effort!