Rules, Regulations, and Permit Documents

RIRRC is strictly regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. We are required to publish rules, follow regulations, and operate according to permits approved by the regulatory agencies responsible for solid waste management.

To the left,  you'll find a variety of our operational reports, approved rules, governing regulations, and permit documents.

Rule Review

In accordance with the 2013 directive from Governor Lincoln Chafee, RIRRC has undertaken a rules review process. As a result of the review, it was determined that six rules were either redundant or no longer necessary to the conducting of current business. To the left are the first three of the six rules to be repealed. A Notice of Public Hearing can be found on the Secretary of State's website.

Environmental Rules & Regulations

Click here to connect to the Department of Environmental Management's Office of Waste Management.

Out of State Waste Prohibition

Click here to read Rhode Island's law prohibiting disposal of waste generated outside of RI's borders in the Central Landfill.

Public Records Request

To access public records from RIRRC, please click on the guideline document to the left and follow the procedure as outlined.