Welcome! On this page you'll find links to the pages, documents, or outside websites where you can find RIRRC's documents and information that pertains to the requirements laid out in Rhode Island General Law 42-155 "Quasi-Public Corporations Accountability and Transparency Act" of 2014, which took effect January 1, 2015.

In addition, if you would like access to any of the Corporation's public records, please follow the process to the left, outlined in the document titled Access to Public Records Guidelines and Request Form. The request is subject to the conditions contained in Rhode Island General Laws Chapter 38-2, entitled Access to Public Records. The conditions may include asking you to cover certain copying, search, and retrieval costs. We strongly encourage you to review the Access to Public Records Act in its entirety before submitting your request.

If you have any questions about any of the information, or have trouble accessing the documents or sites, please email our Info Line at info@rirrc.org Thank you!

  (1) Job descriptions of the executive director and management

  (2) Compensation comparability studies of the executive

  (3) Quarterly financial statements

  (4) Capital Improvement Plan

  (5) Operating Budgets

  (6) Strategic plan

  (7) Agendas and minutes of the open meetings of the Board

  (8) Contracting reports required by 42-90-1

  (9) Regulations adopted by the quasi-public corporation

  (10) Enabling legislation

  (11) Mission statement

  (12) Board members

  (13) Organizational chart

  (14) By laws of the quasi-public corporation