Materials Recycling Facility

The Materials Recycling Facility (MRF-pronounced ‘murf’) serves the entire State of Rhode Island. Both residential and commercial recyclables are processed at the MRF.

Every day, approximately 175 trucks deliver roughly 380 tons of material to the MRF. In 2012, Rhode Island's MRF transitioned from a "dual stream" facility to a "single stream" facility. This means that recyclable paper no longer needs to be kept separated from the bottles and cans throughout the sorting process. The paper and the bottles and cans are processed together at the start of the sorting process, and by the end are separated into distinct products, ready to be shipped around the world.

The facility is capable of processing 50 tons of recyclables per hour. The Rhode Island MRF is one of the largest in New England. The various papers, cardboard, metals, and other mixed materials are separated into different commodities, or products, then baled onsite in preparation for transport to manufacturing plants across the globe. These materials are re-manufactured into a wide variety of products, saving energy, decreasing pollution, and reducing our impact on the earth's natural resources.

Visit the MRF

RIRRC offers school field trips and small group tours of the MRF. Please visit the school field trip page or group tour page to book your tour of the facility.