Program & Planning Reports

RIRRC occasionally produces studies and reports to help our stakeholders develop programs to advance their recycling and waste reduction goals. We also develop planning guidance documents and templates municipalities can use to enhance their programs. Case studies and program reviews are also helpful, and allow our stakeholders to learn from each other. Furthermore, RIRRC is responsible for statewide solid waste planning. The planning report, Solid Waste 2038, is the primary guiding document providing the basis for statewide solid waste policy and facility development.

Topics to the Left

  • State solid waste master plan
  • No Bin, No Barrel program
  • Practical Programs to Increase Municipal Recycling
  • Condominium Recycling
  • Small Business Recycling (Main Street program)
  • Boat Wrap Recycling (Marine Shrink Wrap)
  • Waste Reduction
  • Annual Activities Report (also known as the Separation of Powers report)